Errors make no sense

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Errors make no sense

Postby zlloyd1 » Wed Apr 12, 2017 5:51 pm

I have been using SQLite Studio 3.1.1, and it has started giving me random error messages that make no sense.... :x : :?:
1st it started giving me a syntax error in the SQL Editor as follows:
[13:35:51] Error while executing SQL query on database 'Summer_Camp': near "Insert": syntax error
This error is popping up even though I copied and pasted the same exact code that was just accepted, and that is ridiculous. :shock:
2nd, I closed the application, and reopened it to try again from scratch, but then it gave me this gem:
[13:39:15] Cannot execute query on undefined or invalid database.
How can it be invalid or undefined when it was JUST working a second ago?? :? :?: :?
WHAT IN THE WORLD IS WRONG HERE PLEASE?? I have a project that I have to finish on a timeline, and this GARBAGE application is killing my chances because it is obviously just searching for reason to give errors instead of working!! :evil: :P :evil:

Somebody PLEASE explain to me how something that was just accepted as correct, can be copied and pasted, and NOW it is all of a sudden a syntax error??
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Re: Errors make no sense

Postby Googie » Thu Apr 13, 2017 1:31 pm

An advice from me - when you go on application's forum and ask for help, try not to insult the application as being garbage and stuff like that.

The "insert" error you're seing can be caused by a trigger that is invoked by your correct query. It also can contain invalid characters after copying it from some other application. Try writing the query manually instead of copying and see if it works. If yes, then something wrong happend when you used copy-paste. Maybe some other application messed it up.

The "undefined or invalid database" is probably caused by invalid database selected at the top of SQL editor window. At the top dropdown you select current working database for SQL editor.
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