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How to report a bug

Postby Googie » Wed Jul 27, 2011 9:07 pm

Bugs can be reported using BugHunter system at

1. a) Make sure that you have newest SQLiteStudio. Bug you want to report might be already fixed.

1. b) Check out the bughunter at, just look if there is some similar title for the bug you're going to report, at least in newest 10-20 reports. Maybe it's already known.

If you're sure it's a new and not yet know bug - report it:

2. Choose subject for bug report wisely - someone might look for the same bug as you're reporting - make it easy for him.

3. Specify what's your operating system and what is SQLiteStudio version you're using.

4. Tell if bug is repeatable or it just happend once (or few times). If it's repeatable, write a recipie how to reproduce it, or - if you can't - at least tell what were you doing when it happend.

5. If bug coused error dialog to be displayed, then paste everything from that window (error message, stack trace) into the report.

6. Describe bug if it's necessary. Feel free to add any comments you think that might be useful.
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