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How can you help?

Postby Googie » Wed Jul 27, 2011 9:10 pm

There are several ways you can help SQLiteStudio:
  • Report bugs - the less bugs exist, the better application is. I cannot fix bugs if I don't know they exist. You can report bugs at ,
  • Write translation - English localization is done as a base, Polish translation is made by me (since I'm the Pole), but any other translations are welcome, see ... anslations,
  • Make some graphics - no matter if it's icon or bigger image - if you have an idea for some graphics that might improve SQLiteStudio and you can draw it - do it, I'll provide list of icons that would be very useful for SQLiteStudio, but any icons related to database managers (or applications in general) would be appreciated. Graphics licence has to allow using it in SQLiteStudio freely (including binary distributions),
  • Write suggestions, ideas - they are helpful to improve application for user needs,
  • Write code, patches - they are always welcome, I can help with these. They have to be on GPL, or GPL-compatible licence,
  • Promote SQLiteStudio - if you like it, say it, write it - the more people interested in application - the more feedback it gets
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