Cannot (Re)Add a database file

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Cannot (Re)Add a database file

Postby Bertrand » Wed Dec 13, 2017 10:46 pm

Greetings from new New York user of SQLitestudio.

Thanks in advance for any assistance. I am a new user to Sqlitestudio and found my way into the fold via an ongoing project to build a personal Kodi video library. Some functions associated with certain classification tasks were very tedious and thinking there had to be a faster way I found information indicating that Kodi used SQLite under the covers to house all of the metadata for the library. I am versed in general database concepts and know the a fair amount of sql so I installed sqlite, added the database and started making certain changes directly to the meta data. This all went very smoothly. As I went through several iterations of my library I came to realize that Kodi was leaving lots of orphan information in their database. This orphan data was not associated with any edits I made directly, but was left over from tasks executed via the standard Kodi user interface to add and remove sources of data from the library.

In hindsight here is where I think I made a mistake that led to (what appears to be) orphan data in sqlite. I uninstalled Kodi with the resulting removal of all data including the previously mentioned database (after exporting all of the Kodi meta data to external files.) I then (re)installed Kodi and imported the previously built library including the metadata. I could see that the database file had appeared again with the new install of Kodi and that it expanded when I imported the library. At that point I opened sqlitetudio to make further edits and found that the database was not listed. When I tried to add the database as I had done the first time it failed as studio indicated the base 'was already on the database list' .. although it is not. In hindsight I should have removed the database from Sqlitestudio before the Kodi reinstall. So it in a nutshell the databse is not listed and I cannot add it because studio thinks the database already exists. I am on Studio 3.1.1 on windows 10.

Any insights or suggestions as to how I could proceed would be greatly appreciated.
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Re: Cannot (Re)Add a database file

Postby Googie » Fri Dec 15, 2017 1:22 pm

You probably have database view hidden. Go to menu bar -> View -> Database list.
From the list you can see your database already there and you can access it with double click.
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